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Dental HiWay - Kids Corner, Teachers Corner Provides teachers with materials to help them teach dental hygiene to students. Also use a dentist locator and browse related links.
Dental Diet Doctor describes his treatise that deals with diet, dental tartar and cancer detection. Find his contact information and download the treatise.
South African Medical and Dental Council Creates and maintains standards for health care training and practice. View a list of registered practitioners and learn about its activities.
Place, Joslyn - Dental Practice Describes its staff, services and facilities. Also find a fee schedule, open hours and contact information.
Sunningdale Medical and Dental Centre Full service medical centre describes its facilities and services. Also submit a question to one of its doctors or pharmacists.
South African Dental Association Helps dentists stay up-to-date on industry issues and offers support to those running their own practice. Find membership information.
Dental Interactive Hub of the South African Dental Association has a discussion forum with links to professional resources and dental facilities and institutions.
Implant Doctors In Africa World Centre for Dental Implantology lists African implant doctors by region. Read an overview of common dental implants.
Find a Doctor Service allows users to locate doctors based on their disciplines. Search for health, dental, medical or social services.
Millners Dental Suppliers Imports and distributes dental equipment and consumables. Read a profile of the company, learn about its products and find contact details.
E-Doc Dentalnet - Frequently Asked Questions Sift through answers to certain questions patients won't ask their dentist, including bleeding and AIDS, access to dental records and general anaesthesia.

Class Guide to Oral Health An aid for teachers from the South African Dental Association
Zebbi General dental practice covering all fields of dentistry and specializing in
cosmetic dentistry, implantology and orthodontic treatments.

Dental HiWay - Kids Corner, Teachers Corner
Provides teachers with materials to help them teach dental hygiene to their students. Also use a dentist locator, and browse related links.

Removal Of Wisdom Teeth Access for information on the problems that can occur with these teeth. Recommends patients contact dentists for further details.
Univ. of Pretoria - Restorative Dentistry States the mission, and presents the different departments. Learn about course and degree offerings, and find a list of publications.
Univ. of Stellenbosch - Faculty of Dentistry
Trains students in dentistry and oral hygiene. View a course list, and read about student life and entry requirements.
South African Dental Association Get news updates on the dentistry profession, find out about continued education, join the organization, and get meeting schedules.
Univ. of Pretoria - Dept. of Oral Pathology and Biology Learn about the dept.'s oral pathology, oral biology and forensic dentistry programmes. Read about its research, and find staff contact details.

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