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Health Clinics

Aloe Gell Health products - biotone, cellulite treatment, regenarating gel, etc.
Body Awakening Workshops Body Awakening uses creative movement, dance, and dynamic meditation to increase awareness and expand consciousness - integrating mind body and soul.
BODY iQ South Africa Provides you with monitoring and advice for healthier living through better exercise.
Chiropractic - South Africa The offical homepage of Chiropractic in SA
Chronic Medicine Dispensary Reliable Chronic Medicine delivery and management in South Africa for Most Medical Aids.
Class Guide to Oral Health An aid for teachers from the South African Dental Association
Drughelp Fight Drug abuse with knowledge
Electronic Doctor The site for South(ern) Africans who care about health
ELIM Clinic For drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
EyeSite South Africa's leading resource of eyecare and eyewear information.
Facts for Life UNICEF guide provides 13 simple ways to keep children and families healthier.
Family Health Natural nutritional supplements for overall health improvement, for the whole family.
Femalelife.co.za Female information on different stages of life and family including issues like contraception, pregnancy, children and STD's.
HAS-CON Health & Safety Consultants - Suppliers of health and safety audit companion.
Health & Lifestyle Coaching Your personal investment to a healthy future.
Health Expo The health site that brings together products, services and websites relating to the health industry.
Health Seekers A formula for living a healthier and longer life
Health24.co.za Health, diet and fitness information.
Healthmall Your one stop shop for health services, products and information.
Healthview Your solution to health related problems.
Helping You Understand The Symptoms and Stages of Pregnancy The symptoms and signs of pregnancy can be confusing, and thats why we are here to help you understand everything about pregnancy.
Home test kits Test kits for aids, hiv, pregnancy, ovulation, drug and malaria testing
Innomed Clinics Bio-electro magnetic therapy.
International Corporate Health Consultants Corporate, Occupational, General and holistic health resources for companies and industries.
LifeLine Online Counselling LifeLine service that offers free online e-mail counselling. Simple, convenient and professional free online counselling by e-mail.
LifestyleMD.com A complete online health, fitness, stress management, nutrition, skin care, medical and wellness portal.
Lil-Lets The number one selling feminine hygiene brand in South Africa designed by a woman gynaecologist.
Magnetic Healing Magnetic field therapy: natural and without side effects - help your body to heal itself.
Malaria & Infectious Diseases in Africa Malaria French/English bilingual publication on malaria
MediHealth Info The medical, beauty and health care directory.
MEDINFO Health information for health workers and the community
Medline Our aim is to publish rigorous accessible health information that will help doctors and healthcare professionals in South Africa.
Miracle stop smoking Stop smoking
Nalita Massage & Beaty Therapist Take a theraputic experience and have a massage. A relaxing experience!
Occupational Health and Safety South African Occupational health and safety.
Physiotouch Physiotherapy Practicing physiotherapist in Craighall Park, Johannesburg.Jenny is joined by her associates in providing patients with outstanding treatment.
Primal Parenting Page Information on all aspects of Attachment Parenting, Primal Parenting, Gentle Discipline, Birth, Breastfeeding and Child Care
Simply Health Offers you healthy, tasty alternatives to sweets and chocolates.
South Africa's Leading Sexologist Sexuality and Sexual Health and Products
South African Medical Sites
South African National Blood Service We aim to maintain a Blood Transfusion Service that is appropriate to the needs of the South African community.
South African Speech-Language-Hearing Association SASLHA - the professional body of speech-language therapists and audiologists.
The Doctor's Lounge Receive free SMS medical headlines on your mobile phone! Extensive online medical tutorials! Medical exam revision cards.. all for FREE!
The EVA Mineral Water System Make your own mineral water and keep your body healthy with the EVA Mineral water system.
The Great South African Shavaton Help raise funds to Fight Cancer in South Africa.
The South African Journal of Natural Medicine A Journal that offers information on alternative medicine.
TM Online SA Transcendental Meditation is that one simple procedure which can raise the life of every individual and every society to its full dignity.
Water For Life Promotes the use of pure water for health reasons.


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Tel: 021-914 3999

218 Sovereijn Quay, Somerset Road
Tel: 021-419 4737
eet, Cape Town
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